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About Our Company

Why Lahore Ambulance Service

As per data, numerous of life is lost due to lack of efficient emergency services at the time of medical emergency. This is usually because someone didn’t know the Lahore Ambulance Service Lack of knowledge can turn out to be extremely grave. Anyone can dial the emergency ambulance number in Lahore Ambulance Service with no need of adding any prefix or suffix and we ensure to provide our ambulance service in time, reaching the location without even a delay of a minute. We have a well-connected system wherein the person collects the necessary information and dispatches our service at the appropriate location. Our private ambulance services is fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment that would ascertain the patient is safe and gets appropriate timely aid.

We keep our word.
We communicate openly
Reliability and the Ability to think clearly
Available 24/7

Our Equipments

Accident and Emergency care is a 24-hour fully-equipped medical center which caters to all kinds of accident victims and emergency cases. While we are taking care of patients in our ambulance, our interior layout minimises potential injury and improves working conditions for our staff and healthcare professionals. We have all these Medical equipments & Service available

We are responsible

We assume responsibility for each patient we carry and each ambulance Services we deploy: responsibility for the life that has been entrusted to us. We also want patients’ relatives to believe they can trust us and to feel that they have a reliable partner by their side in hard times. We know that many of our clients are facing emotionally challenging situations and we pride ourselves on our honest communication

Facilities in ambulance



Suction machine

Zero Tolerance on Quality

Excellent Turnaround Time

Available all emergency drugs