• Lahore Ambulance Service
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We’re here to Serve You

Our top priority is our patients and their care. We are dedicated to providing safe, prompt, and reliable transportation. Our success is greatly dependent upon the success of the facilities we serve. Your Health,Your Safety Is Our 24/7 Prompt and efficient emergency and Ambulance Service. Lahore Ambulance Service is always there to offer its services. At Lahore Ambulance Service our sole focus is the lives we touch every day. we serve people in need, they’re our friends, neighbors, and classmates. Our connection to the community is why we never forget that the people we serve are our number one priority.

What we Offer:

1- Delivering high standard patient care
2- we are provides the highest degree of safety to our patients
3- We believe in honesty, responsibility and hard work.
4- Licensed, experienced and highly professional.
5- Trained attendant

Lahore Ambulance Service Route

Farooq Hospital

Sheikh Zayed Hospital

DHA Medical Center

Adil Hospital

PKLI Hospital

CMH Hospital

Ranger Hospital

PAF Hospital

Shalimar Hospital

Bahria Hospital

Surgimed Hospital